25 Sep

Issue 183 - Editorial

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Issue 183 - Editorial

Transforming Life Emotional Reference

Dear Readers,


Life means living in fullest ecstasy, but in the present world this is not the way we humans are living our life. Pertaining to today's condition human lives are filled with constant worries about the past or anxieties about the future.


Is there a way to change the life? - Yes, for which you need to understand the quality of life is not decided by our knowledge, wealth, power or future plans on which we spend all our time & money .But in reality it's decided only by two factors the state of mind & physical health which I call as the factors of life. To be simple & precise, Factors of life means with out which a human life can never survive. Try to understand this in a proper way - there is no point in having a Benz car with a back pain. By Ignoring these two factors of life, one can never create a life of comfort; rather, will only adapt to suffer in comfort.


We are not going to discuss about the physical health knowing it's an absolute waste of time. The reason is almost every individual is facing physical problem not because of ignorance (lack of knowledge) but because of sheer negligence. Considering educated population with their knowledge to access technology & information, they exactly know what is good for their health but they still avoid it with their fullest consciousness.


(Eg: Every one may not afford to join gym or may not even have time to allocate for exercise, meditation etc. But we are highly aware that fat free food has amazing positive effects compared to fried food), not every one of us are doing this but most of us do & they still do with consciousness, not out of ignorance but out of sheer negligence.


The State of Mind - This is the factor which decides our ability to perform in life. Human mind operates through emotional reference not based on scientific reference.


Emotional reference is exactly the feeling experienced by an individual for an action or thought consciously performed (Eg: if a person is not inclined towards a smell or taste one can easily get irritated. We can see it in our daily life - the smell or a taste of a fish can make some one happy & the same smell or a taste can make some one unhappy & this is absolutely not because of the smell or a taste from the fish, it's because of the emotional reference one holds in his mind about the fish).


So what decides the state of mind? - The emotional reference. From now life is going to be so magical by following a simple technique. You can change your life by changing the state of mind & you can change your state of mind only by changing the emotional reference.


If we are able to change the emotional reference that's affecting our happiness, then it's known as emotional intelligence & if we are not able change the emotional reference, then it's known as emotional disturbance. It's the fact that being human we will have emotional reference till the last moment of our breath.


So lets decide to practice emotional intelligence to perceive a great life, which means your great life is just a conscious decision away. So in every situation lets consciously decide to choose emotional intelligence over emotional disturbance.



The divine law of nature states - when you change the way you look at things, things you look at change - the emotional reference!!!