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Issue 177 - Keeping your customers happy

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Issue 177 - Keeping your customers happy

Keeping your customers happy

One of the main goals of every business is 'keeping customers happy'. Happy customers are an asset to your business and an unhappy customer can share their opinion with the masses through social media which would affect your business negatively. Retaining your customers is a critical part of increasing a flourishing business. You worked very hard to bring that customer to your business. You now have to be smart to keep him/ her. You also have to build repeat business.


The customer service you provide should be so good that it keeps the customers returning back to you regularly. It's all about providing memorable, quality customer service.


How do you keep your clients coming back?


• Customer Delight : Delighting your customers with an exceptional customer experience is the best way to make sure they'll return to you. You must spend time to analyse how many customers are not coming back to you and try to find out why customers aren't returning. Call these customers and try to do whatever you can to bring them back.


• Loyalty programs can help you get repeat customers if you provide good service.


• Loyalty: It works both ways; you also need to be loyal to them. If the customers aren't happy, you can't get loyalty from them.


• Importance: Make all customers feel that they're valued. It works well when you add a personal touch and make them feel known and appreciated. Customers feel nice when they are greeted on their birthdays or anniversaries, so ensure you make a note of these important dates in your database and wish them.


• Be courteous, polite, friendly and helpful. Remember to thank your customers!


• Listen to suggestions and complaints: Don't look at complaints as an annoyance. Listen with interest and do everything you can to resolve the complaints. Your company's reputation can easily be ruined by negative word of mouth spread by an irate customer!


• Timely response: If you commit to provide some information or to look into their complaints, please keep those commitments. Customers hate being made to wait, so do your best to deal with customers complaint quickly. An unhappy customer who gets their issue resolved gets converted to happy customers. They tell 4 to 6 people about their experience which is positive for your business. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tool one can ask for, however it can work against you if your customer is unhappy with your service!


• Appreciate Your Customers: Remember that there are plenty of competitors that they could go to, however they have decided to stay with you! So, thank your customers for their business. You could also send them a thank you card every 6 months or yearly.


• Stay connected with your customers: Stay in touch by keeping them updated about your services, or send them monthly newsletters, any new offers etc.


Whatever you choose to do, put in your best effort to delight them. This will make them loyal to you and they may even recommend more customers to your business!



Remember: Customer satisfaction is a key to the success of your business.