25 Sep

Issue 177 - Independence Day

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Issue 177 - Independence Day

Independence Day

Freedom Struggle…

Freedom of Birth Right…

Breathing of Fresh Free air…

Started its journey from 1857 – Sepoy Mutiny

The seed of first Revolt towards Independent Nation…

Many lost their lives, but the spirit was at high level

The energy became more powerful


M.K. Gandhi, later known “Father of Nation”

Preceded the war of Non-Violence against the British Empire

He stood firmly

Many youngsters inspired by him

Volunteered themselves and marked their name in the history

The Brave Man – N.S. Chandrabose

The founder of INA was nightmare to the English

Many joined INA and served the nation

Still if we spell his name, the spirit of Freedom triggers automatically

Finally the Dream Day


August 15th 1947

The Sun Shined brightly indicating

New Dawn Free Nation – INDIA

Hats off and salute to all who made it happen

Now we are Celebrating 69th Independence of our Nation

Long journey

Lots of Development in all fields

Notified as a developing Nation

Generations to come speak and applaud

Giant Nation – India was not built in a day

Of course it takes few years

But undoubtedly

It will be carved in the Hearts of World

Ourselves being a part

It is our duty to play our role rightly

In the upliftment of the society by all means

Hands together

Hearts together

United Soul

Speaks Unity in Diversity

Preserving our Heritage and Culture is a value addition

Taking ourselves high and high

It is a wonderful and Honorable Occasion

Of every Indian soul to celebrate and carry the Nations pride

Throughout the world


Be Proud

You are an Indian


Jai Hind