25 Sep

Issue 177 - Editorial

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Issue 177 - Editorial

Yes,Together We Can!

The real joy of life is that every day brings to us a new creative message. As our Independence Day approaches I have had the pleasure of watching a simple and yet cute 2 minute film titled The Tree which I received in my inbox thanks to a good friend. No amount of verbal description will be a worthy substitute for conveying its message. Even so, The Shopping Express deems it a privilege to share it with all its readers as an Independence Day gift.

In the film, a huge old tree has fallen across and is blocking a narrow road in an ordinary neighbourhood, presumably in heavy rain. Light showers still persist. Traffic has come to a halt. There are stranded cars, scooters, cycles, buses and even a police jeep with a policeman napping in it! Everyone is expectantly waiting for the hurdle to be removed. There is much chatter and criticism but no action. The wife of a young couple in a car urges her companion to get down and see if anything could be done. Reluctant to get down in the drizzle the well dressed young man silences her saying What is the use, what am I going to achieve by getting down? A busy politician has arrived at the traffic jam in his official          car. No wait for him. His side kicks have already arranged a vehicle on the other side of the road. Grabbing the support of a helping hand from the other side, the politician scales the huge trunk and successfully crosses over, even as others watch helplessly. No hurdle can stop a politician!

Now into this scene, a little school boy in uniform walks in braving the rain and carrying his heavy backpack of books. He walks through the maze of parked vehicles and paralysed humanity of adults and reaches the tree. Next he tries to push the tree, showing his determination to overcome the hurdle. Obviously, he is too small for the gigantic task. He slips and his bag falls; his clothes become soiled; yet he is not willing to give up. His brave effort draws four or five other street kids and together they try to push the tree while hugely enjoying the task with screams and laughter. By now everyone notices their effort and one by one, a huge crowd of volunteers climb down from their safe but static pedestals and join the effort. Together they manage to lift the trunk and push it away, clearing the road. All vehicles restart and the slumbering policemen are also awakened and their jeep too moves on! This last scene is a subtle but hilarious comment on our sleepy establishment.

The film is accompanied by a beautifully sung lyric in the background. The rough translation would go like this. Hey man! Why have you stopped? What is the hurdle in front of you? For which guide are you waiting to hold your hand, lead you, guide you forward and take you to your destination? You are your own messiah, your own guide, your own help. The way forward is within you. You have it in you to find the way. You can reach your destination by yourself. Who are you looking for?

This film reminds us in two minutes what we already know, but are too hesitant to admit. There are many Doubting Thomases who are asking day in and day out what the Modi Government has achieved and where are the Ache Din promised by him. The Government has been in place and has been very active in many directions. Yet many number of critics are after the PM. Instead, they should be asking themselves in what way they have contributed to achieve the objective. Is the society not itself the hurdle like the fallen tree or a passive spectator like the stranded crowd in the film?

On our Independence Day let us roll up our sleeves and take an oath join the gigantic effort to rebuild this great country, inspired by the lyric accompanying the touching film.

Happy Independence Day to all


the readers of The Shopping Express!