25 Sep

Issue 177 - Dress Right To Work This Monsoon

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Issue 177 - Dress Right To Work This Monsoon

Dress Right To Work This Monsoon

It sure is a tough decision when it comes to dressing during the Monsoons. Heavy rains, flooded roads, muck and mud everywhere may disappoint you from dressing your best to office. Relax, look stylish and dress right to work with the below tips.

1. Darker colors do the magic.

During the Monsoon it is always wise to opt for darker colours. There would be a lot of splish and splash in th city and higher chances of getting the mud on your clothes. So, to avoid the pain of washing, opt for darker colors. One reason is the stains would not be visible and on the other hand it would be easy to wash and remove the stains.

2. Formal trousers or Denims are the best fit.

Formal trousers or Denims are the most comfortable pants in the monsoon. Avoid tight fit or skiny jeans as it may lead to itching due to the moist weather. They also soak up the dirty puddle water easily and weigh you down. The best outfit would be Formal trousers with light shirt or Denim with a thin t-shirt.

3. Keep aside your flip-flops and wear your Shoes.

As we already know and have ready in our before article, we should avoid our feet from getting wet in the rainwater. Shoes is a very good monsoon footware as compared to flip-flops. Shoes or Boots help your feet from getting wet in the rainwater and keep your feet safe from water borne diseases.

4. Shift to Waterproof gadgets.

Gadgets have become an important part in our lives.  Like us, gadgets should also be taken utmost care to avoid it from being damaged. Try using waterproof watch so that you would not have to remove it and keep it safe every time you step out in the rain and also use waterproof covers and cases for your electronic items.

5. Avoid leather

Leathers are the biggest enemy of rainwater. The reason being they tend to get soggy and breed fungus when wet. This is turn may damage your foot skin or the things kept in leather bags.

1. Replace your light ones with vibrant colors.

Light colours, pastels and whites are a big no-no in the monsoons. They not only make you look dull and boring but also get transparent and tend to get dirty soon in the rains. Look classy during the dull grey weather with bright shades of red, pink, orange and blue, it not only looks vibrant but also makes you look confident and stylish.

2. Say bye to anarkalis and salwar kameez

Time to bid bye to your entire designer wears. Roll up your Salwar Kameez, Anarkalis and keep it aside until the Monsoon is done. Try wearing something casual and trendy. Bright Kurthi with a contrast or a matching Jegging or leggings would do the magic. Also, stay away from traditional Bandhani or Rajasthani prints as they tend to run color when wet

3. Crocs and plastics become your feet’s friend

No monsoon can be spent without the classic boots. Like men’s footwear even girls need to avoid flip flops. Pair up your attire with comfortable crocs and boots.

4. Big No to Styling

Keep all your styling aside. Tie up your hair neatly to a bun or a pony as the damp atmosphere is also likely to make your hair frizzy and dull. Avoid strainghting or curling, as they tend to mess up the minute they get wet.

5. No more glitter when it is Silver

All your silver turns to black during the Monsoons. Avoid Silver ornaments, as they tend to turn color due to the moisture. Wear something simple and artificial and also wear minimal jewellery during the rains.


Last but not the least, never forget raincoats or umbrellas. Keep yourself dry and safe. Enjoy the Monsoon.